Max's Blessing

Like true Kristy fashion, I'm posting pictures from 2 months ago :) Sadly, I just don't have much time to dedicate to editing pictures and blogging. Grady was able to bless Maxwell, and it was a beautiful blessing! I'm so glad he is worthy to do this for our sweet baby! Max did great! And we were able to share the day with our wonderful, supportive family, and a few great friends! Thank you everyone that came and supported us!
The complete 'Stoner Family'- Me and all my boys!
Stoner, Parker and Jorgensen Grandparents, along with my sisters Angie and Amanda, and my cute Peterson nieces! (Ashley gets the girls and I get the boys :)
Some of the decor. Sadly, it was WAY windy and blew a lot of my decorations away from outside and I ended up not using a bunch. But, you get the idea.


Welcome Baby Maxwell

Sadly, my little guy is 6 weeks old today! But, here are some pictures of him when he was born :) I'll have to post pictures later to show you the difference, but he looks just like Ayden!
The delivery took a little longer than we were hoping, but being early, that's how it goes sometimes. I was induced two weeks early, because my blood pressure was crazy high. So, he wasn't too ready to come, and apparently had to finish up some last minute business before gracing us with his presence.
He is such a cute and good baby! I'm so lucky! Since I am so busy all the time with Colton (he was 16 months when Max was born). He's a little sensitive to what I eat, so I have to watch it, and he had bilirubin really bad for a week, so that was a pain in the butt. But, thankfully we got it under control, were able to send the stupid light bed back, and hold our baby! (He did look pretty cute though in his tanning bed when he wasn't screaming)
I also wanted to post some cute picture of Max's older brothers. Two days before I had Max I took Ayden to my cousin Jace's to ride the horse. He has been obsessed with being a cowboy ever since he was a cowboy for Halloween last year. Notice his awesome, cheap, cowboy hat and boots from his costume? He wears them all the time, and had to dress up like a cowboy to ride the horse. So darling!!
And, I love the picture of Colt smiling in his towel! This kid does not smile for the camera much. He's much better at scowling. But, this kid LOVES the tub, and doesn't he have the cutest smile?


Random Pictures of the Boys

Ayden is sooooo funny! He talks and talks and talks! He really has such a funny personality, and man is this kid smart! He got that from his daddy! He loves to cheese it for pictures, he loves to pretend talk on the phone, and he loves to play tiger/dog/dinosaur. He pretty much is friends with everyone, and he would be outside, playing with the kids all day, everyday if I would let him. He is my little sweetheart!
So, you can see that Colton still has NO hair! I've never even cut it! Maybe if I shave it off, it will grow back. Okay, he has a little hair, but if I NEVER have to comb it, does that count? Man, this kid is a mover! He can go almost anywhere Ayden goes. He LOVES to play with cars, dinosaurs, and climb on anything and everything! He continues to fall off everything he climbs on, but that doesn't stop him, and he continues to hurt himself on a daily basis.


The last 6 months...

So, sadly, I've been MIA for like 6 months. I'm not really sure why, but I haven't been real inspired to take pictures, which makes me not want to blog. I've really just been focusing all my spare time (which is never much), on my vinyl business. So, over the next little while I'll be getting you up to speed on what's been going on before I have another baby, and then my time will be gone all over again. :)
We'll start at the beginning... Christmas!!! 
It was SO much fun with two kids! I can just tell that they will get more fun every year!
We did a lot of fun things, like sledding, going to the cabin, making gingerbread houses, parties, santa, more parties, etc...

I don't have hardly any cute pictures from the party, cause I put my sister in charge of taking pictures and I have no idea what setting it was on, but they are ALL crap! These are the best that we got. But, his party was a blast. Lots of cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents there to support our little guy!

Easter was fun, but man was it COLD! For some reason, I always think it's going to be beautiful, and then I remember that it NEVER is! Ayden LOVED the egg hunts! Man, he's good too! That kid really understands the concept of the more eggs- the more candy! Colton does pretty good too, although, he'd still rather just chase the other kids around and be content with one egg in each hand.


Baby Boy #3!!

So, sadly, I haven't really clued you all in on the new, CRAZY, news in our life right now...

I'm pregnant with my 3rd boy! It still feels so surreal! I still can't believe it! I'm due July 21st. This one and Colton will only be 16 months apart, so I kind of tried to keep it secret for as long as I could. It was a bit of a surprise, so the fact that it's a boy, is actually the best thing for us right now.

But, I would LOVE your help if anyone has a name they are willing to share with me. We seriously have NOTHING to name him. With like a million boy cousins already, I feel like every name has been taken.

But, overall, this pregnancy has been cake, so that's been really nice. :)


Tenielle's Baby Shower

One of my best friends Tenielle just had her first baby! They named her Emmaline and she was born on February 16th. I was so excited to be able to throw a baby girl shower, I got a little into it. (As you can probably see) Here are pictures from the shower that was on January 16th.
These cute pom poms I borrowed from my girlfriend who had already made and used them for her baby blessing (Thanks Tiff!). They are
Martha Stewart Pom Pom kits and you can make them yourself, purchase them and then put them together yourself or I even found a girl that sells them on Etsy.
I made Emmy a rag quilt for her gift and I mixed it up a bit and did it in strips instead of squares. It was really easy, just make sure if you do it, you still have to sew down the middle to make sure it stays together. I did mine in a zig-zag pattern. For the small ones, I just did one set of zig-zags, so there were 'V's. On the larger ones I did two sets, so they formed 'X's.
I did another Candy Buffet, because I just thought it'd be a cute and simple addition. As long as you have jars, and don't spend too much time looking for colored candy, it really is so easy! Here are a few tips:
1- Make sure the jars are on different heights (put boxes underneath the tablecloth). This gives it more dimension.
2- Decorate the jars with bows, ribbon, vinyl, etc.
3- Decorate the rest of the table as well. Simply the candy alone can tend to look bare and boring.
4- Places to get candy: any bulk place (Winco bins, Costco, some grocery stores have the candy bins as well, then you can pick out specific colors in like taffy.) You also can go to specific party places like Partyland, and Zerchers that has a candy section where they sell candy by color. Online sites is where you can get special colors and large quantities. (I used candywarehouse.com and candyfavorites.com)
The food table wasn't anything too special. But, doing something with height, like the cupcake tree gave it some interest and dimension. To make your frosting look good and flawless, just use a piping bag and the largest tip you can get. I also added a 'E' in vinyl to the plates for Baby Emmy to make it not so boring, and it also made it much more personal.
Thanks Tenielle for letting me throw your shower for you! I had a blast doing it!


Angie's Wedding

So, my baby sister Angie got married December 10, 2009. Man was it cold, but it was a beautiful day! Followed by a beautiful night!
Angie thought it'd be a good idea to have a candy buffet. My mom was so stressed over it, so I told her that I would do it. So, this is what I was in charge of! (oh, and I made her announcements for her, that was a proud moment!) I'd have to say, it turned out so cute!! It was dang yummy too!
After gorging yourself on all the awesome Magleby's food, we got to go dance it off! I so wish I had a picture of me and my hubby, but I don't have one. (So, if anyone got one of us, send it my way PLEASE!)
And, honestly... what's a wedding without a bunch of cute kids, dressed up! SERIOUSLY PRECIOUS! Ayden is seriously in love with Afton, too bad they are cousins. For now, it's cute. Let's just hope he grows out of it! :)