Start the year off fresh!

The Stoner family has decided to start the year off with fresh new haircuts!

Sorry it took me so long to post a picture of mine. Sadly, I haven't been taking many pictures lately. You think you'll get a new camera and go crazy, but I've been a bit intimidated. It also doesn't help that I'm pregnant and my face is swollen almost beyond recognition. So, the thought of someone taking a picture of it and documenting it forever... not so cool!

So, sadly, we cut Ayden's hair as well. I KNOW! It's so cute when it's all done! But, sadly, it only stays that way for about an hour. The whole rest of the day it ends up looking like this...

In his face, messy, and totally ugly!

So, we cleaned him up a bit. Sadly, his new haircut makes him look SOOOO old! (to me anyway) I love it though, cause I can style it in so many ways!

Also, just to give you all a quick update with the baby... I've had pretty high blood pressure the last couple of weeks, so the Dr. has been concerned and was going to take him if it didn't get down. So, typical me, I freak out and have to get EVERYTHING done, just in case, and what happens... my blood pressure goes down!!! I know that's a good thing and no one wants to have their baby 3 weeks early if they can help it, but I was so ready! So, now I'm just hanging out. The Dr. said that he'll take me a week early (this coming Thursday, 5th) if I'm dilated enough. So, keep your fingers crossed for me. I went 2 weeks early with Ayden, so this whole last 2 weeks of the pregnancy is more miserable than I would have thought. I'll keep you all updated!


Scrapbooking Party

Attention anyone who likes to scrapbook and likes Close to My Heart products!!!  

I am hosting an Open House on Saturday, Feb. 21st from 10am-2pm at my home.  If anyone likes free stuff, yummy food, and making some free cute cards, come on over!  For more information go to my scrapbooking blog.


Better late than never...

So, I got a new camera for Christmas, and it's taken me quite a while to figure out how to do ANYTHING!!!  So, here are some pictures from Christmas.  I'm still trying to figure out photoshop and aperture and all the fun programs that you get to use when editing your pictures.   So, bear with me, and I promise I'll get better. :)

Grady, Christmas morning...

It was our first Christmas alone, and it was so much fun being able to give Ayden all our attention.  He was so much fun watching unwrap a present and then be ready for the next 30 seconds later.

Isn't my niece Afton so dang cute?!

Opening presents at Grandma and Papa Parkers

Parker loved the wrapping paper more than the presents!

Parker's new chair!

The kids had a blast playing in the paper after the madness!

We went up to the Jorgensen cabin the day after Christmas, and man was there a ton of snow!  It's always so beautiful!!

Ayden and his stupid gloves... next year he will have gloves that stay on his hands.

Mandy and Luke playing in the snow!

Ayden was a HUGE fan of the snowmobiles!

Lukey!  What a sweetheart!

Dad pullin Ayden in the snow.

Ayden would have stayed out all day if we let him.

Papa and Ayden on the snowmobile. (or bike as Ayden calls them)

My adorable and sweetheart mom who took care of me all weekend while I was sick.

Gavin and Luke