Angie's Wedding

So, my baby sister Angie got married December 10, 2009. Man was it cold, but it was a beautiful day! Followed by a beautiful night!

Angie thought it'd be a good idea to have a candy buffet. My mom was so stressed over it, so I told her that I would do it. So, this is what I was in charge of! (oh, and I made her announcements for her, that was a proud moment!) I'd have to say, it turned out so cute!! It was dang yummy too!


After gorging yourself on all the awesome Magleby's food, we got to go dance it off! I so wish I had a picture of me and my hubby, but I don't have one. (So, if anyone got one of us, send it my way PLEASE!)


And, honestly... what's a wedding without a bunch of cute kids, dressed up! SERIOUSLY PRECIOUS! Ayden is seriously in love with Afton, too bad they are cousins. For now, it's cute. Let's just hope he grows out of it! :)



Brandon, McKell & Ryker said...

I can't believe little Angie is married! Tell her congratulations from us. Your candy buffet turned out great. I helped a friend with her wedding and we did ice cream cups with toppings. It was a lot of fun.

Jody said...

omg kristy your candy buffet looks unbelievable! you are sooo creative! you should post her annoucement too to show off your mad skills! :-) iknow i'd love to see it :-) I can't believe angie is married! thats crazy! so when are we getting together?? :-) i'm free whenever! and i can come that way too!

epb said...

Bub you look beautiful! Can't wait to see you this weekend.

Kristine said...

Those are adorable pictures! Well done on the sugar candy buffet! :)

sea gull lights said...

Everything looks so pretty!

Derick and Becky said...

SO CUTE! Those kids are adorable.

Brandy J. said...

Your sister's wedding was beautiful and I must agree -- there's nothing cuter than little boys in tuxedos!

lori d said...

great pictures, great event!