Stoner Family Reunion

Stoner Family at Boondocks

Grady's parent's started off the family reunion with a bang! They took us all to Boondocks! The bumper boats were definently the hit of the party! Ayden and I went when everyone was on the bumper cars, so we don't have any pictures of us, but we were SOAKED! This cute family bombarded us cause I got them really wet. Ayden loved it! I don't know what it is about water, but my son is obsessed! It was just as fun to watch as it was to ride.

4th of July

Our neighbors the Nelson's invited us over to watch fireworks on the 3rd. Ayden and their little boy Xander are dang good buddies. Ayden had never watched fireworks before and he LOVED it! They scared him at first and he tried to climb up my body, but then he got used to it and wanted to touch them. On the night of the 4th after running the 10K that morning we went to our annual Jorgensen Family BBQ to celebrate the 4th and my Grandpa's birthday. My cousin Kelly brought his blow up fun house thing and Ayden had a blast! He got jumped on, stepped on, dove out on his head a few time, but he never cried and loved the whole thing! Great purchase Kelly!


My new calling...

So, a couple of weeks ago, we went to church and found out our ward was being split. That is the second time in the 20 months we've lived here. Crazy I know! The crazier thing is, our new ward still has like 200 primary kids! AHHH! I'm sure we'll have another split within the year. But, anyway... Sunday afternoon I get a call for a interview with the new bishop with me and Grady. So, of course I'm laughing at Grady cause I'm just assuming it has to do with him. But, then he tells me that EQP are called by the stake not the bishop. So, then I started to worry. Sure enough, I got called to be the Young Women's President. WOW! I'm very excited, but my mind is still going crazy at the same time! I'm good at organization and delegation, so hopefully that helps. But, I really am kind of scared! So, those friends I do have currently, I'm sorry you won't be seeing me much for the next year or so. :) I'm just grateful for my Heavenly Father and the power of prayer. He's helped me feel so much better the last week. So, ready or not, here we go!


Parker Family Reunion

So, a week ago was the Parker Family reunion! Our family was in charge of it this year, so I ended up pretty much being in charge. We did an olympic theme and went down to Duchesne and stayed in the Six Lakes Lodge. It was so nice and actually relaxing. We had a blast in the different events, fishing, canoeing, shooting, guitar hero and bunko. Of course I forgot my camera!!!! AHHHH!!! Thankfully I had my mom's to use most of the time. So, I'll post pictures later. Next week is Grady's family reunion and guess what? We're going to the same place! :) Ha Ha! I love it! So, you guys all know how highly I think of this place now. This will be stay number 3! I'll let you know all about it when we get back.