Santa's coming to town!

When pulling out all the fun Christmas Decorations, Ayden grew a fond attachment to the Santa hat.  He wore it for like 3 days straight!  As you can see, he even wore it while eating.  It was pretty entertaining.  Christmas time is even more fun with kids, I must say!


Busy... Busy... Busy!

So, we celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday!  I know!  5 years! REALLY?!  It's crazy to think of, but it's true.   So, you saw our present to each other.  Our beautiful new computer! Yay! The only problem has been getting Grady off of it! I used to have the old one completely to myself, but now, Grady wants to use it all the time and I have to fight him for it. That's going to take some getting used to. 
I could do a whole blog post about how much I love my husband and how grateful I am for him, but I already told him. :)  So, I'll just let you all know that we had a great night!  We're doing really well and are "trying" to enjoy every minute of our fast pace, crazy lives!

Also, I went to the Dr. yesterday and they realized that I'm measuring like I'm 27 weeks, so they moved my due date back to the 12th!  YAY!  I so wanted to say "I told you so!"  But, I was able to refrain.  Also, thankfully I do not have a hernia!  I was having crazy pain in my stomach last week and a little this, but not bad.  I called and they said I gave myself a hernia.  But, after an examination.  I don't!  That's one less surgery I'll have to go through after having the baby.  It turns out I just stressed something and possibly pulled something.  So, 2 VERY good news updates from our Dr. apt.


The New Bloggin' Machine - Special Grady Post

We're proud to introduce the newest member of our family. That's right, we got a new computer.

Kristy's been suffering through a very slow Sony VAIO for the last couple of years (my fault for not reformatting it and starting from scratch). I bought the computer before we were married, so it's almost 6 years old and we thought we were probably due for something a little more with-the-times.

So the day after Thanksgiving I drug Kristy and Ayden to the Apple Store at the Gateway in SLC and we got ourselves a brand spankin' new iMac. Now I can actually work in the same room when she's scrapbooking. It's a win-win!

As all future blog posts will be done on a Mac, we hope all you PC users won't have any compatibility issues*. Also, sorry about the bad quality of the image. Trying to take a picture of a lit screen with my phone just wasn't working out.

* Just kidding. You'll be just fine.


Ayden's owey

So, we had a sad accident about a week ago. We were at Grady's office and Ayden was super hyper. He kept running and we kept telling him to stop. Of course, it didn't do much good, and he ran, full speed, right into the corner of their conference table. Now, this is not ordinary table. It's a big piece of steel covered with a sheet of glass. The glass sticks out about 2" from the steel. So, needless to say, it's not very childproof.

So, he hit it pretty hard and went straight down. It was very scary! We were just glad that it missed his eye (barely) and he didn't need any stitches. The really sad thing is he had pictures the next day. It was nice and bruised for them. :) (These pictures are a week after it happened)

Thankfully he's doing great now! He's pretty proud of his owey (spelling?) and was really funny and posing for me! I love my little dude! (Oh, and the scratch under his other eye is from a different day. He's a little accident prone)



So, I went with Carly and Becky to Twilight on Friday night! All the anticipation... I actually really enjoyed it! Now, of course, after reading the book like 5 or 6 times, I knew it pretty well. So, I knew before hand that I could either pick the movie apart and ruin it for myself or I could just enjoy it for what it was worth. So, I enjoyed it.

Now, you have to know that for a book that's 500 pages long, to put it in a 2 hr. movie is going to be pretty darn difficult. So, OBVIOUSLY they are going to leave a lot out, and change quite a bit to make it work. I was actually surprised how much was the same.

Now, about the characters. Everyone pictures the characters in their own way. So, I will say that I was a little nervous about some, (Charlie, Charlile, Esme, Rosalie, Bella, & Jasper) but most grew on me... well all but Rosalie. Now, don't get me wrong, she's still really pretty, but she just talked a little too much. She would have done better to just keep her mouth shut and be ornery. Also, the white makeup was a little extreme at times. But, all in all I was really entertained and really liked it. Besides, even if it sucked we would have had a blast!


Halloween Decorations

I've had a few people ask about my decorations on the wall behind all our pictures. So, here are the pictures of them. The spiders are AWESOME! I got them at Swiss Days this year. And, the vinyl decorations I designed and printed them. I'm hoping to find a reusable vinyl next year, so I can use it over and over again, but using it for our 3 parties this year made it worth it. I'm designing my Christmas stuff right now. I'll post it as soon as I get them up. :)


Halloween Memories

Sorry, I'm a slacker and never put up pictures of Halloween. Ayden was Calvin & Hobbes for Halloween and it was so much fun! I never realized that his hair was as long as it is! Everyone thought it was a wig. But, they also thought he was Einstein too. As much as he loves his Tiger, he'd get a little excited to look at all the pumpkins and get candy, so he'd chuck the tiger before getting to the door. After Grady took him out Trick-Or-Treating my family came over for a little party. Don't all the kids look soooo cute! We had a blast! Ate a TON of food, played the Wii and just hung out! I've gotta say... I LOVE HALLOWEEN!


Playing in Photoshop

So, I was dinking around in Photoshop and wanted a pencil drawn effect. Unfortunatly, I'm not good enough to do it myself, so I turned to Grady to help me out. This is what we ended up with, and I think it is super cool! Besides the fact that my little guy is so dang cute!


Witches Night Out!

So, can I tell you how much I love witches night out? I LOVE IT! All the madness, the crazy people, the long lines and all! It's so fun to see everyone dressed up and see everyones cool hats and fun tights! Sadly I haven't been able to go the last two years, so it was good to be able to go again. It was really fun bringing my mom this year! Thanks again for putting it all together Amber!


Happy 2nd Birthday Ayden!

So, my baby turned 2! I can't believe it! It was actually on Friday night, the night of our Halloween party, so we celebrated it on Sunday. I know! I'm such a mean mom to have our party on his birthday!

I tried to get crafty and make him a Thomas the Train cake. Sadly, it didn't really work. By the time my frosting was grey and black, it was VERY runny from all the food coloring. Oh well! Do I get points for effort?

We invited Ayden's cousins over for a little party. It's much more fun watching 10 kids unwrap each present instead of just one :) It was madness, but I LOVED it!

By the end, he really had the hang of it. All caution was thrown to the wind!

As you can see by the mid "Choo Choo" sentence, Ayden LOVES trains! Especially Thomas! Which is really quite interesting since the cartoon is the most boring thing I've ever seen!

Ayden would like to say Thank You to everyone for his great gifts! He's very spoiled!


Halloween Party

One thing I've wanted to do since we got married is have a Halloween Party. Sadly, it hasn't been possible the last 5 years due to a VERY small space or having a baby :) So, this year it was finally possible and I'm glad to say that we actually went through with it. It was a lot of work, and a CRAZY week but it turned out REALLY good and was so much fun! Those of you who couldn't make it, no worries, if all goes well, this will become a yearly tradition for the Stoners!

Thank you everyone for dressing up and bringing food. It wouldn't have been possible without you! Also, I wish we would have taken a picture of the whole group together, but we kind of forgot. The group in the middle are all the guys from Fifty Studio.


My funny son...

So, my little man has been making me laugh so hard lately! I'm sorry I never post, life is just crazy! But, I'm nervous that I'll forget all these things if I don't write them down. So, here are a few from lately.

1- He has these new words... First off, he REALLY thinks that he's saying the right word, but he's way off!

CUPPY- for pumpkin. ??? Where that came from I will never know. At first it was pummy, but apparently that was too close to the real word. :)

IPER- (The i is a hard i) for spider. He doesn't say his s's so this isn't a huge surprise.

GABBY- for garbage. And, everything that looks like garbage instantly is garbage and must be placed directly in the garbage. If I try to take it out, he'll put it right back in!

2- He's calling ALL babies PARKER. He will still say baby if I really try, but for some reason now, babies are Parker (his little cousin). Also, every single kind of drink is WATER. He does like juice and milk and chocolate milk, but they are all still water to Ayden.

3- He has started hanging on EVERYTHING! It's like he's so proud to be able to reach things he has to show me. He tried hanging from the door nob the other day and it just turned in his hands and he landed on his knees and hit his head on the door. It was pretty funny.

4- He has a new saying that is the cutest thing in the world, my heart melts every time I hear it. "Looka mommy!" He has to show me everything and gets so thrilled to show me and have my approval. It's not as good since you can't hear his cute little voice.

5- He's started wearing my high heels. He still likes wearing all my and Grady's shoes, but for some reason he has really taken to the pointed, high heel ones.

6- He loves apples and will eat them any chance he gets. Here is the funniest picture of my fruit bowl and how I found it. Normally he brings me the apples before eating them and asks, but this time he apparently helped himself.

5- He's becoming very OCD! Oh, no I'm rubbing off on him already! He has to set all his toys up in rows. So cute!


Baby news!

So, we went and got our ultrasound yesterday...
Here are a few pictures. The baby was moving like crazy! It must be related to Ayden :) So, there is bad news and good news...
BAD: The baby is measuring small, so they are thinking that my due date is 2 weeks behind. SAD! I'm only 17 weeks instead of 19? That sucks!GOOD: Even though the baby was so small, they were able to tell the sex. IT'S A BOY! We are sooooo excited that Ayden is going to have a little buddy! This is also going to take a LOT of stress off of me. I don't have to touch the nursery, I get to save a LOT of money on clothes! Plus, they will be best friends, right!?


My Vacation

I went to Seattle, WA last weekend to visit my cutest friend Erin.

(All the pictures are ones I stole from her blog.

She is extremely talented so I just let her take all the pictures :)

She recently had a baby and I just had to meet cute little Quincy! She really is a great baby! She gets a little fussy at night, but overall she just slept the whole time.

Since Ayden has the best bed-head ever after naps, Erin said "This just has to be documented". Didn't she do a great job with the picture?

We went down to Seattle and checked out Pikes Place. It was pretty cool to walk down the market and see all the fresh fish and gorgeous flowers! The pictures are of the kids checking out the "Big Boats" in the water.

The kids just played and played! Ayden's a big fan of new toys, so he pretty much was acting like they were all his and Carson couldn't play with any.

Ayden's only like 6 months older than Carson so they played pretty well together.

Oh, wait... except the fact that Ayden is a bully! Poor Car was so scared of him! My stinker of a son is so in his terrible 2's!

Of course it took like a million shots to get the cute one of us on top! You always need to document the funny ones in the process!

Thanks Er for letting us come and play! Also, thanks for letting me be lazy and not do too much! I was in some serious need of relaxation!


Lake Powell

We finally had our chance to go to Powell! It never feels liks summer until we've gone. So, since it was basically the last week of the summer, it feels really weird to be over.

We of course had a ton of fun! Doing basically nothing and loving every minute of it!

We played lots of cards!

Went boating...

Isn't my mother beautiful?

Enjoyed the beautiful nights with the water as glass and the amazing sunsets.

And built the Parker tradition sand castle.

Thanks mom and dad for taking us on our favorite yearly vacation! We couldn't have been blessed with better weather or water! :)


Finally time for me to do this...

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.


I'm back!

So sorry everyone! I've pretty much been gone for a month! I've been so busy I can't even begin to tell you. Here's a few things we've been up to...

We celebrated the 24th of July by going boating with my parents & the Jensens, watched fireworks and went fishing the next day. It was a ton of fun! Thanks mom and dad!

Ayden has recently discovered trains and is obsessed! So, we took him to see the Heber Creeper.

We went to the Kamas Demolition Durby. Which was AWESOME! I've never been and I just loved it! That's for sure going to become a tradition if I have anything to do with it.

Our ward had Young Women Girls Camp a couple of weeks ago. That was really fun and I got to know my girls really well. And, I got to do a lot of crazy things I've never done before like real rock climbing, repelling, shooting, zipline, and walk on wires 50 ft. off the ground crazy trust thing!

Then I got my new book... Breaking Dawn. And, anyone who is really into the Twilight series will not be surprised that this book consumed 3 whole days for me. I loved it by the way!

Also, some good news, we're pregnant! YAY! But, it's been a bit of a bummer, cause I've been REALLY sick! So, when Ayden is napping, I haven't really had much desire to get on the computer. I've been sleeping every spare opportunity I've had. (I'm only 10 weeks along)

And, lastly, we ran the 1/2 Marathon down Provo Canyon on Saturday! It pretty much killed us (mostly my joints from all the down hill), but hey we finished! I'm so glad I have a cute husband that will do crazy things like this with me. I don't know if I would have ran the whole thing if it wasn't for him to help push me. (sorry we didn't take any pictures)

I'm getting more pictures ready right now... so check back later.


Stoner Family Reunion