American Idol Finale

I know it's a little late, but I just wanted talk about the finale for a second...

So, I've always been a fan of American Idol, but when it comes to the finale, I'm always VERY decided on my favorite. This year was a little hard for me, cause I couldn't decide which one I wanted to win. I seriously love both Davids!

David Archuleta is just so cute! The fact that he's from Utah, definitely helps a little, but he's just such a normal, nice, kind boy. He reminds me of a Brian Terry type of guy (anyone who went to LPHS will understand). And on top of it, I LOVE his voice! But, then there's...

David Cook! He's such a babe! I love the way he dresses, his hair, and his voice is so hot! He's also a good guy. There's something about being a family guy. Gotta love it!

So, ya, this year I was able to just sit back and enjoy it. I really didn't care one way or the other who won. Mainly, because whether they win or not, both will have an amazing career! I can't wait to see what they both do with the fame. Hopefully it doesn't ruin David Archuleta.

American Idol tour at the E center on July 14th and 15th... Anyone want to go with me?


Trip to St. George

The weekend before last we were invited to St. George. Grady's sister's husband Erik got a condo for the week and they were nice enough to let the family come down and share it with them for the weekend. It was so much fun! The boys went golfing the first day and we took the kids to a park nearby. It was the nicest park I have ever been to. Of course, Ayden had to run right into the water part first thing.

Ayden especially loved the swings, since we don't have any.

There was so much for them to do. I wish we had a park like this one nearby.

They also had a very nice pool that we went to both days.
As much as Ayden liked the pool, he'd rather play with the toys outside.
Thanks so much Erik & Ashley for letting us enjoy your fun weekend!



I would like to apologize for being such a slacker with my blog. I feel like every free second I've had lately has gone to my yard. But, I LOVE working outside in the dirt, so I don't mind. I'll post soon I promise!