Welcome Baby Maxwell

Sadly, my little guy is 6 weeks old today! But, here are some pictures of him when he was born :) I'll have to post pictures later to show you the difference, but he looks just like Ayden!
The delivery took a little longer than we were hoping, but being early, that's how it goes sometimes. I was induced two weeks early, because my blood pressure was crazy high. So, he wasn't too ready to come, and apparently had to finish up some last minute business before gracing us with his presence.
He is such a cute and good baby! I'm so lucky! Since I am so busy all the time with Colton (he was 16 months when Max was born). He's a little sensitive to what I eat, so I have to watch it, and he had bilirubin really bad for a week, so that was a pain in the butt. But, thankfully we got it under control, were able to send the stupid light bed back, and hold our baby! (He did look pretty cute though in his tanning bed when he wasn't screaming)
I also wanted to post some cute picture of Max's older brothers. Two days before I had Max I took Ayden to my cousin Jace's to ride the horse. He has been obsessed with being a cowboy ever since he was a cowboy for Halloween last year. Notice his awesome, cheap, cowboy hat and boots from his costume? He wears them all the time, and had to dress up like a cowboy to ride the horse. So darling!!
And, I love the picture of Colt smiling in his towel! This kid does not smile for the camera much. He's much better at scowling. But, this kid LOVES the tub, and doesn't he have the cutest smile?


Lacey said...

i love your boys too! so cute! i had so much fun holding your sleeping colton!

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Max is another darling addition—congratulations!

Brandy J. said...

Max is adorable and your baby announcement is super cute! Congratulations!

michellecluff said...

he is darling! congratulation! i love the name! i hope you're getting SOME sleep and that the transition to 3 is going well...