Stoner Look-alike Meter

Guess everyone was right... He looks like Grady! Thanks McKell for the idea.

Goodbye Snow!

So, our back yard is almost completly snow free. As happy as I am for it to be sunny and warm outside, we sure did have fun this winter!

This was one random day, all Ayden wanted to do was be outside, so I took him boarding down out backyard.
Guess that's one nice thing about having a steep yard. He was loving it! He kept making me do it over and over again for him! By the time we (I) were done, my calves were pretty sore. Check out how wet Ayden is! He He! What a nerd! He has no fear, that's for sure!


What we've been up to...

Grady's parents took us all to the Kangaroo Zoo in PG! Not only did me and Grady have a blast, but Ayden was in heaven! He is such a dare devil! We took him on all the little kids things at first. But, once we took him on the big slide, he didn't want to go on anything else. It was awesome! He would go down on his stomach, his back, even head first, and all with no fear! Even though in the pictures he looks pretty scared.

Ayden and his cousin Elizabeth

He wanted so badly to be able to climb by himself!

This is the small slide. Imagine one 3 or 4 times as long for the big one.

Just me and Grady having a good time!

So, Ayden got a tent for Christmas and every once in a while I'll put it up for him. But, lately it's become a perminante fixture in our front room. (since we took most of the furniture down stairs there's plenty of room :) He loves playing in there! All of his stuffed animals have moved in and almost all the pillows in our house. We even read books in there together.

Doesn't he look old?

Thanks Jensen's for the great present!


I've been bad...

I'm so sorry, I've been really bad a blogging lately.  I don't know why, but I just didn't feel like I had anything to say.  That, and the fact that I'm hardly ever on the computer, cause Ayden now knows when I'm on the computer he can turn into "The Destroyer".  Seriously!  He just runs a muck and gets into EVERYTHING he's not supposed to.  It's like he knows that I tune him out, which I do! :)

Everything here is going well.  Grady's been working a ton, hopefully it pays off soon. ;)  Ayden is getting 3 more teeth currently, so he's pretty sad, but so funny lately!  His little personality is coming out.  He has so much energy about life.  He loves being outside, he loves slides, snow, and is still obsessed with dogs!  Hopefully some day I'll be nice enough to get him one.
I've been pretty good.  Kind of up and down a lot lately.  Little stressed and pretty busy it feels like.  But, hopefully with spring coming, I'll start feeling a little more upbeat.  
My little sister left the MTC to Berlin, Germany on Monday.  She was able to call us from the airport.  It was SO good to be able to talk to her.  She sounded scared though.  I hope she's doing better now and that her first companion is a good one.  It's weird how much I miss her already and she's only been gone for 2 months.  It was hard saying goodbye, but I'll get to talk to her on Mother's day, so that will be nice.
Anyway...  I hope everyone is doing well.  Sorry if I'm not around much in the next little bit.  I'll try and keep you posted on our busy lives.