Gordon B. Hinkley 1910-2008

I just wanted to comment on the passing of President Hinkley:

You know, it was really weird how ever since I heard about the Prophet passing away, I haven't felt any sorrow. He was a wonderful, amazing, humble, humorous human being and I loved him very much. But, that's one thing about our amazing church and the Plan of Salvation that gives me so much peace. I know that he is in heaven. I know that he is with his beloved wife, who he loved so, so much. I know that he is with God and Jesus Christ. I know that he did so many wonderful things for not only the church, but so many individuals as well.

I will miss his voice and his cute smile. It's weird how in a way I feel like I lost a grandfather. I'm grateful for his wonderful example and the chance that I had to learn from him. President Hinkley- Thank you for everything! I love you and I'll miss you.
Love, Kristy


President Gordon B. Hinckley Passes Away

So I was watching TV and they interrupted the regularly scheduled broadcast for a special report. The newscaster spoke the surreal words that President Gordon B. Hinckley had passed away a little more than an hour ago of natural causes.

I was seriously floored. I ran upstairs to tell Kristy and I think both of us were in a state of shock. I can't think of many church leaders who have impacted my life as deeply as President Hinckley has.

I'm going to miss hearing his wonderful talks each General Conference, but there's no doubt that he had done everything he could to make his life and the lives of all those he influenced better.


Binki problems no more...

So, I finally feel like I can get back to my old life! It took about 2 weeks for him to be back to normal sleeping habits, so I don't think that was that bad. Here's how it went... If you really care :)
- 1st night was really, really bad! He just had no idea of how to relax on his own. Also, he's got comfort issues and won't let me rock him or cuddle him or anything, so he had to do it on his own.
-1st 2 days were really bad too! It would take about 1-3 hrs for me to get him to take a nap. Nighttime was a little better, cause he was soooo tired! The only way I could calm him down was to rub his hand. So, that worked a little. The only problem was we were in there until he fell asleep. Oops!
-Then it got to the point where he'd only fall asleep if we were in there, the second we'd walk out it'd all be over. So, it took us about a week to get him off of that. We'd have to leave, let him cry real good, come in, calm him down and leave again. He'd finally be so tired he'd just fall asleep. I think it helped cause he knew we were still there, and we'd come is if he REALLY needed us.
- Yesterday was the first day he took all naps and nighttime that he didn't cry at all before falling asleep! I can finally start going out again and running errands and not have to worry too much about his naps! YA!!!

So, for all of you who are thinking of taking your kids off of the binki, do it! It really is worth it! Just be strong! And, what works for one person, might not work for you kids, so just figure out what works best for you and stick to it! That's one thing kids understand... CONSISTENCY!


Your new Travel Agent!

Hey everyone! Just in case anyone didn't already know. Grady and I have our own online Travel Agency. We've had it for a little while, but are now just getting our certifications all done to be able to book everything. So, if any of you decide to go on vacation or just need to rent a car, please think of us. We have a direct link www.ytb.com/kstoner (click on book travel) or you can get to our online travel link from our blog. (right hand side- Our travel website) Our prices are as competitive as any of the online bookings so, please compare our prices when shopping around.
Also, if you have any questions or need any help don't be afraid to ask. You can call or e-mail me anytime- kbpstoner@yahoo.com
We hope everyones 2008 is full of fun and relaxation!


Stupid Conveniences

(1 week old)
(6 mo. old)

So, for one of our New Years resolutions we decided to get Ayden off of his pacifier (aka. poody).

We wanted him to be off of it by 1 year old, but it didn't really work out. We didn't want to have to worry about it by the time all the holidays came around, so we waited.

Thankfully he only uses it in the car and to sleep. We took it away on Tuesday night and Wednesday was probably the worst day EVER!!! Poor Ayden was SOOO tired, but couldn't sleep. He doesn't like us to touch him when he sleeps (comfort issues), so I couldn't even comfort him. It was so sad! I've never been so frustrated in all my life! He's doing better now, but still struggling a little bit.

I really wanted him to be weened before he could talk, but now I'm starting to wonder if I should have waited until I could make up some story and have him believe it. Anyone got any suggestions for my next child?