For FHE last night we carved our pumpkins. How sad is it that this is the first time in our marriage that we've ever carved pumpkins? It was really fun! I LOVE carving pumpkins! I love the smell, and the feel of the insides, and the time together.
Ayden liked eating the pumpkin

Ayden's pumpkin!

Mommy's pumpkin!

Daddy's pumpkin!


My boys!

I just thought my boys looked so cute and matchy-matchy on Sunday that I had to take a picture. Grady worked soooo hard getting the family room downstairs finished for the birthday party, I just wanted to say Thank You to him. I have the best husband! He does so much around the house, and helps so much with Ayden, I'm really blessed!

Ayden moved up to a big-boy car seat. Shhh, don't tell on me that he's not 20 lbs... but hey! He's close enough! I can't believe how old he looks in his seat. He's so cute!

So, I'm finally posting some pictures from Ayden's Birthday! Sorry, I've been pretty busy getting ready for Halloween. I don't have many more than the ones of him eating his cupcakes... Enjoy!

At first... he just played with it

Then he tasted it...

He liked it!

In all honesty... what doesn't my son like? He'll eat ANYTHING!

What a mess!!!

We had mine and Grady's families and a few close friends there... But, with the 12 kids in all... it was a bit of madness! Everyone was so sweet in giving Ayden such cute presents! He got some cars, tools, a big car to ride, lots of books, stuffed animals, and some 'little people'. He's been in heaven for the last week. Sadly, at the party, he wasn't too thrilled about everyone playing with his toys. I thought he was just a little frazzled from all the commotion, but as it turns out... he still doesn't like other kids playing with his new toys. (He could care less about the old ones) I'm a little concerned about his sharing habits, but in all honesty, I think it's pretty hysterical!


Ayden's First Birthday (Video)

We put together a little video for Ayden's first birthday showing video we've taken over the last year. Enjoy!


Happy Birthday to Ayden!

The big 1! I can't believe it! My baby is a year old today! Of course he has no idea cause we're celebrating it on Sunday. But, I figured since I made him get shots today and ditched him tonight that he could have a treat...

His 1st Twinkie!

Man did he love it!

I don't think he could get that thing in him mouth fast enough.

And now he's sick!

We also got to go and visit our friends Erin and Carson today while they were in town. We miss them so much! And were glad to spend a few hours with them!


Jody's Wedding... little late

So, I know it's been a while since Sept. 8th, but I still wanted to post them. My friend Jody got married to Mark Evans in the SLC temple. Crazy thing is Mark is really good friends with my friends from High School. So, we had a ton of fun hanging out together all afternoon.

Me and Jody

Jake and Korey

Jake, Korey and I

Jared and Leslie