Prepare yourself...

I'm sorry in advance to all you weak stomachs if you happen to view this.

So, Grady went mountain biking with some friends, and he crashed pretty good. The handle bar came down and jabbed him in the thigh. The crazy thing about these pictures is, I thought it was bad the 1st day!!!

DAY 1: (about 3 hrs after crashing)

DAY 2:

DAY 4:

Now, it's basically all black and starting to heal on the outside edges. Pretty nasty what a handlebar can do to you


LP with Friends!

We planned a trip down to Lake Powell with our friends in September.
I have to say that Lake Powell in September is the greatest place on earth! The weather isn't too hot, or too cold, the water is warm from the whole summer, and the weather is great! We're talking glass the whole week!
And, my poor husband cut open his hand the second day and couldn't get his stitches wet for 24 hrs. So, basically when we left. Ya... that didn't work!
And not to mention that we don't have our children with us, so it's a little bit of paradise!
So, Ryan decided to tell us right before going in for lunch that it's fun to jump off the boat while going... 1 1/2 hours later we were ready to go in. Now, don't let the kids see these! It teaches all the wrong things!
But, it really was fun!!!