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For those of you who don't know... I have a little hobby that is quickly turning into a business. Vineyard Vinyl. I LOVE to design fun graphics, normally for invites, announcements, cards, etc. But, you can take these graphics and turn them into fun vinyl clings for your walls, windows, mirrors, fridge, you name it you can stick it there! So, I got a vinyl machine about 2 years ago, and I have been playing and having a blast ever since.
I have had so many people want to see what I've been doing and how much it actually costs for them to get their own. So, I'm in the process of putting all my pictures, and graphics together so you can see what I have! I have a TON to come, so keep checking back to see my fun projects. I just started, so there isn't a ton on there yet. And, if you have a cute room, you would let me practice in, you get a pretty significant discount :)
Contact me if you have any questions. Thanks!


Tenielle's Baby Shower

One of my best friends Tenielle just had her first baby! They named her Emmaline and she was born on February 16th. I was so excited to be able to throw a baby girl shower, I got a little into it. (As you can probably see) Here are pictures from the shower that was on January 16th.
shower overall

These cute pom poms I borrowed from my girlfriend who had already made and used them for her baby blessing (Thanks Tiff!). They are Martha Stewart Pom Pom kits and you can make them yourself, purchase them and then put them together yourself or I even found a girl that sells them on Etsy.
I made Emmy a rag quilt for her gift and I mixed it up a bit and did it in strips instead of squares. It was really easy, just make sure if you do it, you still have to sew down the middle to make sure it stays together. I did mine in a zig-zag pattern. For the small ones, I just did one set of zig-zags, so there were 'V's. On the larger ones I did two sets, so they formed 'X's.

candy buffet
I did another Candy Buffet, because I just thought it'd be a cute and simple addition. As long as you have jars, and don't spend too much time looking for colored candy, it really is so easy! Here are a few tips:
1- Make sure the jars are on different heights (put boxes underneath the tablecloth). This gives it more dimension.
2- Decorate the jars with bows, ribbon, vinyl, etc.
3- Decorate the rest of the table as well. Simply the candy alone can tend to look bare and boring.
4- Places to get candy: any bulk place (Winco bins, Costco, some grocery stores have the candy bins as well, then you can pick out specific colors in like taffy.) You also can go to specific party places like Partyland, and Zerchers that has a candy section where they sell candy by color. Online sites is where you can get special colors and large quantities. (I used candywarehouse.com and candyfavorites.com)

food table
The food table wasn't anything too special. But, doing something with height, like the cupcake tree gave it some interest and dimension. To make your frosting look good and flawless, just use a piping bag and the largest tip you can get. I also added a 'E' in vinyl to the plates for Baby Emmy to make it not so boring, and it also made it much more personal.

Thanks Tenielle for letting me throw your shower for you! I had a blast doing it!