Happy Easter

So, this year's Easter was so much fun with Ayden! He is seriously so cute! We took him to the Easter Egg hunt at Thanksgiving Point on Saturday morning and he had so much fun! He got 4 whole eggs on his own! (That's pretty good despite the madness!!!) Then he went on the inflatable toys... which he just geeks out about! He rode the cow car ride, and went and looked at all the animals in the farm. He especially loved the goats and horses cause they would try to eat his fingers, and he just thought it was the funniest thing ever!

On Sunday, we just put his basket on the coffee table and hoped he'd notice. He did right away! He was so cute, cuddling his stuffed bunny! Then we went to the Andersons for the Jorgensen family easter party. Since there were only 6 kids to find the million eggs, Ayden went CRAZY! He was running FULL speed and got like 30 eggs! It was awesome cause he'd see one and would run past like 20 to get to it. And, he wouldn't put them in his basket I was holding until he had one in each hand. So, it's official that my son LOVES easter egg hunts!

But, really, I love the true meaning of Easter! It's so nice to be able to spend a whole day thinking about our Savior and all that he did for us. The Atonement really is the whole basis of our religion and without it, we would never be able to live with God again. I love my brother Jesus Christ and I'm so grateful for all he suffered for me.



So, Ayden and Afton are so cute with each other! They just light up when they see one another! And, it just makes my heart melt when I hear Afton say "Ayden?" when I walk in without him.

They are best buds! I hope it stays that way forever!


Me playing Basketball?

Those of you who know me well know I'm 6' tall and I have about as much hand/eye coordination as a blind person with no arms... he he! So, for some strange reason I decided to play on the Women's ward basketball team this year. Now, our coach had her hands full teaching me how to play basketball when I've NEVER played before. So, I've been practicing and playing hard and I can now say that I know how to play basketball. I wouldn't say I'm the best, or even good, but I've been trying really hard.

So, we have been going through our stake tournament the last couple of weeks. We've been winning and it turned out that the last couple of games to determine 1st-3rd places all fell on the same night, last Thursday. Sadly, we lost our first game to Eagles Gate and had to play again in an hour. We played the next game and won by 2 in a double overtime! Next, we got to play Eagles Gate, again, right after that. That was a fun game cause we beat them by like 15 pts! But, of course since it was a double elimination, we had to play Eagles Gate AGAIN! By then, our team of course was DEAD, but hey, we came back and won! So, our ward took 1st place!!! Now, having never played any type of competitive sports, I LOVED it! It really is a rush, to have nothing left, but want it so bad that somehow you find the strength.

Now, I've NEVER been so tired in my life! I've never pushed myself so hard, and NEVER ran straight for 4 hours in a 5 hour period. My poor feet were covered in blisters! I guess playing in running shoes will do that to you. :) But, at the end of it all, is was a blast! Regional games start this week, so I'll let you know how it goes. :)


The new game!

So, my son is a punk! This is his new game the last month or so. He takes every piece of clothing out of his drawers! Thankfully this time I caught him before the top one was emptied as well.
You know when they go quiet, they are up to NO GOOD!


Sleepy boy!

So, Ayden fell asleep reading his book on the way up to Grandma and Grandpa Parker's. Guess it was a long day at church!


Friday Night Out!

Our friends Ryan & Carly Stockle did us a HUGE favor and took us out for the night! We went to dinner and then went to "The Spelling Bee", a musical up at Kingsbury Hall. Not only was it wonderful to get out of the house without Ayden and actually do something, but we were in great company as well. The play was hysterical! We were all laughing pretty much the whole time. So, thank you Stockles for thinking of us and giving us a great weekend!