I miss Grady... already

So, Grady is out of town for the weekend. He left yesterday and I'm already going through withdrawls. I think we've only had 3 or 4 nights total away from each other the whole time we've been married. This weekend alone will add 3 more nights onto the total.

Isn't he cute!? I found these random pictures from like 2005 at Lake Powell. I miss him! I don't like sleeping alone so last night I convinced my mom and little sister to spend the night and tonight my friend Tenielle is sleeping over... we'll see if I'll be alone on Saturday :)


I got tagged

So, I got tagged, but it's a different one, so I figured you all wouldn't mind if I did it again.

Here are 6 things that you might not know about me...

1- I love gardening! This year has been the first year I've even had a yard, and I love taking care of it! I love experimenting with different flowers and I can't wait to get a vegetable garden next year. I wish everything wasn't so expensive and that it would grow faster. But, next year will be better. I planted a ton of bulbs this year, so spring will be very pretty!

2- I'm kind of a wuss! :( I hate to admit it, since I pretend to be so tough all the time. I'll try pretty much anything, but if I get hurt, you can pretty much assume you'll never see me trying again. Here are a few examples: 1- I love to snowboard and wakeboard, but if I try a trick and have a good wipeout, I cannot try again the rest of the trip... it takes me anywhere from a month to a year to get over it. 2- I used to be able to do backflips on the tramp and one time I didn't flip enough and landed on my neck. It hurt me pretty bad, but scared me more. I could never really get over it. Even in high school I was supposed to learn how to do back hand-springs for cheer... I tried, a lot, but I never really got over the fear of landing on my head so I didn't ever get it.

3- I'm SO ticklish! My husband can tickle me with pretty much any part of his body. Really! He tickles my side and stomach with his HEAD all the time! I hate it!

4- I have a fetish about my pants! They have to be long enough! (which is difficult being 6 feet tall!) And, when I'm laying down, my pants have to be pulled all the way down so they are straight. I make Grady fix them all the time so they aren't bunched up when we are laying down on the couch. Kind of drives him nuts! :)

5- I hate sports cars! I know! I know! But, I do! I'll admit that they are cool looking but why would you ever buy one!?! -k- I'm not going to get into it!

6- I have a CRAZY sweet tooth! I HAVE to have something sweet after pretty much every meal! I don't really like candy or ice-cream (unless it's the good stuff like Cold Stone) but I could eat a million brownies, cookies, a whole cake, etc... So, if you want to get on my good side... you know what to do! :)

I'm now going to tag Mandy, Amber and McKell


Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. I love this time of year because everyone is in such a happy and giving mood. I also love taking part in different charities. It's good to know that a little bit of money helps a lot. If anyone is looking for a charity this year, my friend Darrick is in Africa right now and needs a little more help before he comes home. Here is a link to access a flyer I made up with some more information on it. http://www.4shared.com/file/30075778/1e5ea1c4/flyer.html

Since it's Thanksgiving I would like to post 10 things I'm especially grateful for this year.
10- Technology (I know that's dumb, but it makes life so convenient)
9- Dogs (to entertain my little guy)
8- Food (not only the good food, but having it at all)
7- My home
6- Nature (so beautiful this time of year)
5- Good jobs
4- Wonderful Friends
3- Supportive Family
2- My hard working husband
1- Little children (they are such good examples to us all)


Angie's Farwell

So, it was Angie's Farwell on Sunday in our old Highland Ward. She did so good on her talk, it was amazing! She defintly got my dad's speaking talent. We had an open house at my Aunt Joni's house after, since my parents have moved to Heber. It was defenintly a Parker party! Tons of food, tons of people, and tons of kids!

Ayden's little legs were going as fast as he could trying to keep up with little Emma (my cousin Lori's little girl)

It was good to talk and hang out with my good friends. Here's my cousin Jessie and my friend Randi (We've all been friends since we were like 5)

It was really good to see those friends of the family that we don't get a chance to see very often. This is Chelsea and Derick Brown holding Lissa's baby Parker. Aren't they so cute?

Sad Nose...

So, Ayden decided to fall down the stairs at Aunt Ashley's! He's so funny! He REFUSES to go down on his hands and knees backwards. He just wants to walk down them. He's falled down them SO many times, you would think that he wouldn't try anymore... Oh well! We know it wasn't Ashley's fault! No worries! He's had worse falls before. : )


New Family Pictures

We got family pictures last year, but Ayden was only 4 or 5 weeks old, so I was really excited to get new ones taken! Unfortunatly, we waited a little long and most of the pretty leaves were all on the ground. But, it turned out good, and was really fun! The first 2 are the cutest of Ayden, but of course, the worst of me... What ya gonna do though?

Walk across the bridge...

A little playing in the leaves...

Nice pose!

So happy one minute, and falling on you face and so sad the next!