Ayden's owey

So, we had a sad accident about a week ago. We were at Grady's office and Ayden was super hyper. He kept running and we kept telling him to stop. Of course, it didn't do much good, and he ran, full speed, right into the corner of their conference table. Now, this is not ordinary table. It's a big piece of steel covered with a sheet of glass. The glass sticks out about 2" from the steel. So, needless to say, it's not very childproof.

So, he hit it pretty hard and went straight down. It was very scary! We were just glad that it missed his eye (barely) and he didn't need any stitches. The really sad thing is he had pictures the next day. It was nice and bruised for them. :) (These pictures are a week after it happened)

Thankfully he's doing great now! He's pretty proud of his owey (spelling?) and was really funny and posing for me! I love my little dude! (Oh, and the scratch under his other eye is from a different day. He's a little accident prone)



So, I went with Carly and Becky to Twilight on Friday night! All the anticipation... I actually really enjoyed it! Now, of course, after reading the book like 5 or 6 times, I knew it pretty well. So, I knew before hand that I could either pick the movie apart and ruin it for myself or I could just enjoy it for what it was worth. So, I enjoyed it.

Now, you have to know that for a book that's 500 pages long, to put it in a 2 hr. movie is going to be pretty darn difficult. So, OBVIOUSLY they are going to leave a lot out, and change quite a bit to make it work. I was actually surprised how much was the same.

Now, about the characters. Everyone pictures the characters in their own way. So, I will say that I was a little nervous about some, (Charlie, Charlile, Esme, Rosalie, Bella, & Jasper) but most grew on me... well all but Rosalie. Now, don't get me wrong, she's still really pretty, but she just talked a little too much. She would have done better to just keep her mouth shut and be ornery. Also, the white makeup was a little extreme at times. But, all in all I was really entertained and really liked it. Besides, even if it sucked we would have had a blast!


Halloween Decorations

I've had a few people ask about my decorations on the wall behind all our pictures. So, here are the pictures of them. The spiders are AWESOME! I got them at Swiss Days this year. And, the vinyl decorations I designed and printed them. I'm hoping to find a reusable vinyl next year, so I can use it over and over again, but using it for our 3 parties this year made it worth it. I'm designing my Christmas stuff right now. I'll post it as soon as I get them up. :)


Halloween Memories

Sorry, I'm a slacker and never put up pictures of Halloween. Ayden was Calvin & Hobbes for Halloween and it was so much fun! I never realized that his hair was as long as it is! Everyone thought it was a wig. But, they also thought he was Einstein too. As much as he loves his Tiger, he'd get a little excited to look at all the pumpkins and get candy, so he'd chuck the tiger before getting to the door. After Grady took him out Trick-Or-Treating my family came over for a little party. Don't all the kids look soooo cute! We had a blast! Ate a TON of food, played the Wii and just hung out! I've gotta say... I LOVE HALLOWEEN!