My poor little guy's eyes are sooooo sensitive, that everytime I'd take him outside, his eyes would start watering and he'd start crying. But, ever since I found these awesome glasses, he just LOVES being outside! He even likes grass! Amazing hu?

Isn't he a stud? Ayden with his 1st Cheeto!

Picnic at the park with the Jensen's! (Here's Afton)





My little sis Angie graduated this weekend from Esthetician school! Congratulations Kid! We're so proud of you!

Dad feeding ayden

So, Dad decided to feed me this morning...
So far, so good...
I'm a total mess! Dad must be new!
It's all over my face, on my hands, and even in my hair! What are we going to do with him?


New Bedroom

I've been having stress finding inspiration for a new bedroom... But, I've finally found a website that has helped me out! www.inhabitliving.com is my new favorite site! It's got exactly what I've had in mind for a bedroom. Now, I just have to decide what color... HUM... I'll let you know!

What a project!

Hopefully, no one was looking at my blog the last couple of days :) I tried to be all creative and add a new template. But, instead I just messed it up royal!!!! So, it took me a couple of days messing with it to get everything back to normal. So, I'll just not be creative and use the same old boring stuff. SORRY! It'll have to work!


It's official! Ayden can roll! He's rolling all over the place!