Harry Potter- Year 7

So, if anyone doesn't know... I'm a huge Harry Potter fan! I went and saw the movie of year 5 this past weekend and loved it! And, then Saturday, Grady goes out and gets the mail and brings in a package!!!! He had pre-ordered me the last book! I LOVE HIM! He's the greatest!
I had thought about pre-ordering it, but I kind of wanted to read Year 6 again before reading 7 and I knew that if I got it, I wouldn't be able to wait. So, I didn't and Grady got it for me instead. I'm so glad, cause I was TOTALLY regretting it.

I started it on Sunday and was pretty worthless yesterday and today, but I'm almost done! I'll probably be worthless again tomorrow and finish it up. It's pretty dang good so far!

For you all who haven't read them, you really should... They are just really well written and very entertaining.


4th of July

I know it's a little late, but I think these pictures are so cute, I just have to show you...
Ayden was REALLY sick on the 4th. We had this huge busy day planned. And the poor baby just slept through most of it. But, oh well. By the 7th he was feeling much better.

The Stoner family!

Taking a nap on Dad...

It was so hot, we had to get him in the water to cool him down. Since it was his first time, I don't know if he didn't like it cause he was sick, or he just didn't like it.... I'll let you know once I test it again.

Parents moving... :(

So, it's official... Tonight we moved my parents out of the home they have lived in for the last 13 years. I'm so bummed! I LOVE my old house. It's the home we lived in the longest and I basically grew up in. I'm also sad cause my parents will now be up in Heber, which is over an hour away from Eagle Mountain. It'll be really good for my parents to have something a little smaller and for my dad to be 5 min. from work, but I'll definitely miss them being right next door. Ayden will miss his Grama and Papa.


So, we decided to venture out and go boating with Ayden. I had no idea how he would do, but he LOVED it! He loved the wind in his face and the water and the music. He's a natural.

After a little while he got tired and took a nap, and then he was up and ready for more.

Thanks so much Stockles for letting us share your BEAUTIFUL boat for the day!

Lookin sexy Shaun!


Tub boy!

Ayden LOVES the tub!
He loves chasing his toys around and shoving them in his mouth!

He doesn't even mind getting his head wet. When it's filling up, he'll go right up to the water and stick his head under!

Doesn't he look precious with his huge cheeks in this picture. I'm just in love with my son!

Lake Powell

Well... We decided to go on vacation with my family down to Lake Powell and leave Ayden for a week. He was just starting to crawl when we left and I knew that he'd be all over the place when we got back. Sure enough... He learned to really crawl, (he's everywhere and into everything!) to pull himself to standing, and pick up tiny food and put in his mouth. It's amazing how much you can learn in such a short amount of time when you are a baby!
It was a great vacation though! We for the 1st time in my life (20 years of going to Powell) went down to Rainbow Bridge. It is truely amazing! I never realized how big it actually is!

Isn't he a babe? Well... I think so!

Something else that is remarkable... I learned to jump the wake! I'm so used to waterskiing, where you have to absorb the wake, that it's always been really hard for me. But, I think I finally got it, so it can only get better from here, right?