Time for something new...

  So, I decided the other day to chop my hair all off!  I can't tell you how great it feels!  I forget how much I love having short hair!  Sorry the pictures aren't the best, they were taken with my phone.  So, we were able to donate the ponytail to Locks of Love, which is a pretty cool thing, if anyone ever has the chance to do it.  In all we cut about 13" off!!!  Crazy hu?  That doesn't even count all the hair Jody cuts out when she thins it. :)  I also added a little blond to it, which is very scary for me, since it was a first time experience.  I'm hoping that the blond will make me keep up on my haircut and get it done more often so I can have cute hair more than 2-3 months out of the year.  I'll get a better picture of the 'after' for you sometime.  

  Thanks so much Jody!  You really are amazing at what you do!