San Diego double wide...

So, funny story...

My family decided to go to San Diego for the weekend. My little sis is going on a mission and this was the last chance we had to take a family vacation together. We decided to rent a house, cause it would be more comfortable, roomy and about the same price as 3 hotel rooms. So, we find ourselves a GREAT deal and were super stoked about our little cottage on the bay. The girls decide to go out a day early with the kids. We were driving following the directions to get to the house, when the directions said "take a right into the Marine Bay RV Park". Uh, an RV park? That's right! We booked ourselves a double-wide RV! Thankfully, the inside was nicer than the outside, but still it was in fact a trailer! Super funny! It ended up working out just fine. (Besides the fact that the whole RV park lost power for the whole first day and night) :)

It was Ayden's 1st plane ride! He did SO good!

We went to Sea World, a first for Grady and Ayden. Ayden loved the big fish in the aquarium and he LOVED touching the star fish.

He was pretty tuckered out.

We went to the beach on Saturday and Ayden LOVES the sand! He was instantly playing in it and throwing it and eating it! He also loved the ocean and wasn't worried about how dang cold it was. He had sand in EVERY crevice by the time we left.

We're so glad Angie suggested a vacation and we're glad to mom and Mandy for putting it together. Thanks guys!

Lake Powell... Cont.

So, we went to powell with our friends, the Pulhams, Benders and Stockles! We ended up keeping the houseboat in the slip so it would be less work for the short weekend. I was a little worried about crazy neighbors & spiders, but there wasn't much of either, so that was nice!

There was a pretty big storm on Saturday night!

We had a blast! Boated, ate food, went off other houseboats slides, and ate more food!

Happy Birthday to me!

Did I mention that I LOVE Lake Powell in September? The weather was awesome! The water is warm from the long summer and it was only in the high 80's. Also, not too many people and the water was great!

We'll have to try to make it an annual trip!


Lake Powell...again

We took a Friday off and headed to Powell with some friends the
weekend of the 22nd (Happy Birthday Bub!).

2 days isn't near enough time but it's nice getting away from the day
to day grind. Below is a picture of 'the boys.' Kristy will have to
post some more pics when she gets time.


There's a new poster in town...

Don't tell Kristy, but I added myself to the blog so I could start posting as well. Thought it might be fun to have a little more diversity on here (I'm Swiss/Scottish).

So without further ado, I present one of my favorite new shows...Flight of the Conchords. It's two guys (Bret and Jemaine) who are in a novelty comedy band in NYC. Murray's their band manager and Mel is their neurotic fan. Priceless. Unfortunately, it's on HBO and the first season is already over (12 episodes).

P.S. If you want to try to get the episodes let me know and I can help you out.

1st Episode Intro

Band Meeting

White Chocolate


Grandma & Grandpa Stoner's 70th Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated Grandma & Grandpa Stoner's 70th wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago. We would like to congratulate them and thank them for the great examples they are to us all. We are so glad they are here in Utah and we can see them more often. We love you!

Mission Call!!!

It's official! My kid sister, Angie got her mission call to...

Berlin, GERMANY!

It's German speaking and she leaves Dec. 12th.

Kind of sucky that it's right before Christmas, but hey she get's to be here for Thanksgiving!

Congrats Kid, we're so excited for you!


Old Picture

I haven't taken pictures of Ayden in FOREVER!  (or anything else in my life)  But, I just got some pictures off of my sisters camera, and I loved this one of Ayden.  So, here it is...