Jody's Wedding... little late

So, I know it's been a while since Sept. 8th, but I still wanted to post them. My friend Jody got married to Mark Evans in the SLC temple. Crazy thing is Mark is really good friends with my friends from High School. So, we had a ton of fun hanging out together all afternoon.

Me and Jody

Jake and Korey

Jake, Korey and I

Jared and Leslie


Beck said...

Kristi how the heck are you?? This is Megan by the way. You look so good. I found your blog when I was looking at Marie's. (Hope you dont mind) Where are you guys living?? Keep in touch.

bkjones said...

Kristy- Sorry that we were not able to make it to the get together we were in Moab but I hope that all went well! I wish that we could have seen all of you!! Keep in touch!