Happy Birthday to Ayden!

The big 1! I can't believe it! My baby is a year old today! Of course he has no idea cause we're celebrating it on Sunday. But, I figured since I made him get shots today and ditched him tonight that he could have a treat...

His 1st Twinkie!

Man did he love it!

I don't think he could get that thing in him mouth fast enough.

And now he's sick!

We also got to go and visit our friends Erin and Carson today while they were in town. We miss them so much! And were glad to spend a few hours with them!


Erin said...

dude! Whats up with my hair?!

Jensen Family said...

Twinkie-I knew he would love it. He is so stinking cute-love you Ayden

Derick and Becky said...

I love his look in that first picture.