For FHE last night we carved our pumpkins. How sad is it that this is the first time in our marriage that we've ever carved pumpkins? It was really fun! I LOVE carving pumpkins! I love the smell, and the feel of the insides, and the time together.
Ayden liked eating the pumpkin

Ayden's pumpkin!

Mommy's pumpkin!

Daddy's pumpkin!



Jessica said...

What great pumpkins! I love the transformers pumpkin. You guys are such a cute family. Have a great Halloween!

Jonathan and Michelle said...

Those pumpkins are awesome, good work! It's fun to stay updated on your family!

The Family Connection said...

I remember when my kids would eat anything at that age and love it, even peas. That doesn't last forever. Enjoy.

A. Lori