I miss Grady... already

So, Grady is out of town for the weekend. He left yesterday and I'm already going through withdrawls. I think we've only had 3 or 4 nights total away from each other the whole time we've been married. This weekend alone will add 3 more nights onto the total.

Isn't he cute!? I found these random pictures from like 2005 at Lake Powell. I miss him! I don't like sleeping alone so last night I convinced my mom and little sister to spend the night and tonight my friend Tenielle is sleeping over... we'll see if I'll be alone on Saturday :)


Jonathan and Michelle said...

Good luck, hopefully it will go by quickly! Just remember to do and watch everything girly that you can't when he is there!

Jared and Leslie said...

Oh Kristy! You are being so brave :) One time Jared had to go out of town for 2 days and the first night I totally cried on the phone to him cause I missed him so much! Oh and it was right before mason was born... I'm happy that you have some friends and family to keep you company!

Jensen Family said...

I miss you to Grady!