I got tagged

So, I got tagged, but it's a different one, so I figured you all wouldn't mind if I did it again.

Here are 6 things that you might not know about me...

1- I love gardening! This year has been the first year I've even had a yard, and I love taking care of it! I love experimenting with different flowers and I can't wait to get a vegetable garden next year. I wish everything wasn't so expensive and that it would grow faster. But, next year will be better. I planted a ton of bulbs this year, so spring will be very pretty!

2- I'm kind of a wuss! :( I hate to admit it, since I pretend to be so tough all the time. I'll try pretty much anything, but if I get hurt, you can pretty much assume you'll never see me trying again. Here are a few examples: 1- I love to snowboard and wakeboard, but if I try a trick and have a good wipeout, I cannot try again the rest of the trip... it takes me anywhere from a month to a year to get over it. 2- I used to be able to do backflips on the tramp and one time I didn't flip enough and landed on my neck. It hurt me pretty bad, but scared me more. I could never really get over it. Even in high school I was supposed to learn how to do back hand-springs for cheer... I tried, a lot, but I never really got over the fear of landing on my head so I didn't ever get it.

3- I'm SO ticklish! My husband can tickle me with pretty much any part of his body. Really! He tickles my side and stomach with his HEAD all the time! I hate it!

4- I have a fetish about my pants! They have to be long enough! (which is difficult being 6 feet tall!) And, when I'm laying down, my pants have to be pulled all the way down so they are straight. I make Grady fix them all the time so they aren't bunched up when we are laying down on the couch. Kind of drives him nuts! :)

5- I hate sports cars! I know! I know! But, I do! I'll admit that they are cool looking but why would you ever buy one!?! -k- I'm not going to get into it!

6- I have a CRAZY sweet tooth! I HAVE to have something sweet after pretty much every meal! I don't really like candy or ice-cream (unless it's the good stuff like Cold Stone) but I could eat a million brownies, cookies, a whole cake, etc... So, if you want to get on my good side... you know what to do! :)

I'm now going to tag Mandy, Amber and McKell


Brandon, McKell & Ryker said...

Thanks a bunch:p You rock I will be up soon. Hopefully we can get together.

Unknown said...

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