Harry Potter- Year 7

So, if anyone doesn't know... I'm a huge Harry Potter fan! I went and saw the movie of year 5 this past weekend and loved it! And, then Saturday, Grady goes out and gets the mail and brings in a package!!!! He had pre-ordered me the last book! I LOVE HIM! He's the greatest!
I had thought about pre-ordering it, but I kind of wanted to read Year 6 again before reading 7 and I knew that if I got it, I wouldn't be able to wait. So, I didn't and Grady got it for me instead. I'm so glad, cause I was TOTALLY regretting it.

I started it on Sunday and was pretty worthless yesterday and today, but I'm almost done! I'll probably be worthless again tomorrow and finish it up. It's pretty dang good so far!

For you all who haven't read them, you really should... They are just really well written and very entertaining.

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Sarah said...

There couldn't possibly be anyone that didn't like Harry Potter, right?!? I have seen the movie and read the book too. I don't think it could have ended any better!! (c: Let me know what you think.