Lake Powell

Well... We decided to go on vacation with my family down to Lake Powell and leave Ayden for a week. He was just starting to crawl when we left and I knew that he'd be all over the place when we got back. Sure enough... He learned to really crawl, (he's everywhere and into everything!) to pull himself to standing, and pick up tiny food and put in his mouth. It's amazing how much you can learn in such a short amount of time when you are a baby!
It was a great vacation though! We for the 1st time in my life (20 years of going to Powell) went down to Rainbow Bridge. It is truely amazing! I never realized how big it actually is!

Isn't he a babe? Well... I think so!

Something else that is remarkable... I learned to jump the wake! I'm so used to waterskiing, where you have to absorb the wake, that it's always been really hard for me. But, I think I finally got it, so it can only get better from here, right?

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