Prepare yourself...

I'm sorry in advance to all you weak stomachs if you happen to view this.

So, Grady went mountain biking with some friends, and he crashed pretty good. The handle bar came down and jabbed him in the thigh. The crazy thing about these pictures is, I thought it was bad the 1st day!!!

DAY 1: (about 3 hrs after crashing)

DAY 2:

DAY 4:

Now, it's basically all black and starting to heal on the outside edges. Pretty nasty what a handlebar can do to you


Karenin Jaar Robison said...

holly crap! that is huge. no wonder why the guy screamed :) wink wink!

DeLana said...

He and Steve should compare wounds. Steve gets bit by his pedals all the time. Check out his blog to see what he did the end of August to his face. Couldn't shave for about a week. He no longer gets sympathy from me because the wounds are all self inflicted.


That is some bruise! Holy Crap!

lori d said...

Ouuuuchhhh! I did something similar to that years ago when a water ski hit my leg. Hope Grady's feeling better that it looks.

Lori D.