Here's what we did this Summer...

Mother's Day was actually a disaster... Ayden decided to poop his pants all over the slide at the park, so I got to clean all that up, while Grady cleaned up Ayden. Seriously, I've never been so embarrassed in all my life. But, what you gonna do? Leave? Nope!!! Clean it up :)
But, on the bright side, Grady made me breakfast, I got a pretty gift from my cute boys and I got to talk to Angie on her mission.
Ayden took swimming lessons for the 1st time. It was so nice to have him learn the basics. That way he could be comfortable and not so reckless in the water. Watching him learn something as scary as swimming was so much fun. And, honestly he has never trusted me as much as he did his teacher.
Angie came home from her mission! It was so good to see her!!! Our family is finally complete! It was so cute- the kids, Luke, Afton, Ayden and Parker all lined up in front of us and held hands while waiting for her. They did it all by themselves. I WISH I had a picture of it. It was the cutest thing ever! The only sucky thing is she didn't get in until 11:00pm!!!
And then we went to New York... I'm sure you all have read that awesome saga! If not, take 1/2 hr and read the post. :) Here are some pictures from the fun parts.
I don't know if Grady said much about this museum, but it was the MOST AMAZING thing ever! It was HUGE and they had the coolest, funnest things for kids to do! If I lived in Rochester, we would have a season pass and go every day! I highly recommend it if anyone is ever near Rochester.
The 4th of July is always the
busiest, craziest, most fun day of the year! It starts with my family running the Freedom Run in Provo, followed by breakfast at Magelby's, boating (or sometimes 7 Peaks), BBQ's, fireworks, and then the Stadium of Fire fireworks. Gotta love it! Also, my son has a HUGE obsession with 'pato bugs'! It was like pulling teeth to get him to look away from them and smile for me for that super cute picture!
(And, me and my 3 sisters did NOT plan our shirts, but we thought it was so funny, we made my mom change and wear one too! I know! We're dorks!)
So, my baby Colton is getting SO BIG!!! This was him at about 3 & 4 months, and he's even bigger than that now! He's 6!!! He is super happy all the time! Loves to giggle, and has the bluest eyes ever! We are having so much fun with him!
Lake Powell
with the Harvey's was so much fun this year! We took Ayden this year and man did he LOVE it! He never even minded taking his naps or going to bed, cause he played so hard, he was exhausted!! He also didn't mind wearing his life jacket all the time, so that was nice!
We had a lot of fun this summer though... Swimming, going to the zoo, boating, dinosaur museum, farms, parks, you name it, we probably did it!


Lacey said...

i am sad i didn't get to see you today! thanks for inviting us over though. we will have to do it again soon!

Ashley said...

I loved the post and getting to see what fun things you've done over the summer!

Karenin Jaar Robison said...

how fun! cute pics too by the way.

Diamond Family said...

Great summer photos! They were worth the wait. You are so creative.:)

Graydon Stoner said...

The side trip down to Central America to see the Panama Canal was long, but totally worth it! ;)

Kristy Stoner said...

my husband... such a smart a**!!! So, I made a typo... It was the Erie Canal in NY, not the Panama Canal.

Jody said...

that is so funny! i was kinda confused... i was like wait isn't the panama canal in panama??? haha i had a stupid moment!! by the way this post was so cute!! you seriously need to teach me to use my computer! i miss you guys! its been forever! but looks like you kept super busy over the summer!!!