4th of July

Our neighbors the Nelson's invited us over to watch fireworks on the 3rd. Ayden and their little boy Xander are dang good buddies. Ayden had never watched fireworks before and he LOVED it! They scared him at first and he tried to climb up my body, but then he got used to it and wanted to touch them. On the night of the 4th after running the 10K that morning we went to our annual Jorgensen Family BBQ to celebrate the 4th and my Grandpa's birthday. My cousin Kelly brought his blow up fun house thing and Ayden had a blast! He got jumped on, stepped on, dove out on his head a few time, but he never cried and loved the whole thing! Great purchase Kelly!

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Ammie G said...

kristy hi, I have not seen your blog in a while its so cute. your little guy is growing big. That is awesome about your calling. if you need any yw ideas call me, I have been in for a while not a presidant. Hey how did you make those picture pages. I would love to do that. Ammie