Trip to St. George

The weekend before last we were invited to St. George. Grady's sister's husband Erik got a condo for the week and they were nice enough to let the family come down and share it with them for the weekend. It was so much fun! The boys went golfing the first day and we took the kids to a park nearby. It was the nicest park I have ever been to. Of course, Ayden had to run right into the water part first thing.

Ayden especially loved the swings, since we don't have any.

There was so much for them to do. I wish we had a park like this one nearby.

They also had a very nice pool that we went to both days.
As much as Ayden liked the pool, he'd rather play with the toys outside.
Thanks so much Erik & Ashley for letting us enjoy your fun weekend!


Derick and Becky said...

I want to go! It was 70 when we went to St George, a little too cold still. Anyway, when the weather is better lets take the kids to the park.

Diamond Family said...

I'm so glad the sun is finally here! Cute kids!

A. Lori

Brandy J. said...

This looks like so much fun. We have some friends who recently went to St. George and visited the same little park. We haven't been there, but it looks like some watery fun. We'll have to make a stop next time we go to Vegas.