There's a new poster in town...

Don't tell Kristy, but I added myself to the blog so I could start posting as well. Thought it might be fun to have a little more diversity on here (I'm Swiss/Scottish).

So without further ado, I present one of my favorite new shows...Flight of the Conchords. It's two guys (Bret and Jemaine) who are in a novelty comedy band in NYC. Murray's their band manager and Mel is their neurotic fan. Priceless. Unfortunately, it's on HBO and the first season is already over (12 episodes).

P.S. If you want to try to get the episodes let me know and I can help you out.

1st Episode Intro

Band Meeting

White Chocolate

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Jessica said...

Grady! It will be good to hear from you. Sean and I love this show! We don't have HBO, so we had been watching on YouTube until they were taken down. Do you know how we can get the episodes now? Any insight would be great. p.s. The humans are dead.