Random Pictures of the Boys

Ayden is sooooo funny! He talks and talks and talks! He really has such a funny personality, and man is this kid smart! He got that from his daddy! He loves to cheese it for pictures, he loves to pretend talk on the phone, and he loves to play tiger/dog/dinosaur. He pretty much is friends with everyone, and he would be outside, playing with the kids all day, everyday if I would let him. He is my little sweetheart!
So, you can see that Colton still has NO hair! I've never even cut it! Maybe if I shave it off, it will grow back. Okay, he has a little hair, but if I NEVER have to comb it, does that count? Man, this kid is a mover! He can go almost anywhere Ayden goes. He LOVES to play with cars, dinosaurs, and climb on anything and everything! He continues to fall off everything he climbs on, but that doesn't stop him, and he continues to hurt himself on a daily basis.


Lacey said...

your boys are darling i can't wait to meet number 3!

Julie said...

They are both growing up so fast! And they're soooo cute! I can't wait to see them in a few weeks! :)
Love, Jessica

lori d said...

It's always a joy to see your blog and darling family. :)