Just a thought...

I'm sorry in advance for making you listen to my rambling thoughts, but this has been on my mind a lot lately, and I wanted to share it with as many people as care to listen :)

So, the economy is struggling right now, as we all know, which in turn is affecting almost everyone I know in one way or another. So, I'm thinking that we need to all start taking care of one another. The best way I can think of doing this, is by sharing what we don't want or need anymore with those that so desperately do.

When you are cleaning out your closet, or garage, or what not and you find a bunch of stuff that you no longer need, but don't want to throw away; what is the first thing you think of doing with it... Take it to DI right? Sadly, I think this should be the third idea that crosses your mind. Now, don't get me wrong, I support DI and think it's a great program and the proceeds do amazing things, but again... it should be your third choice. Here are my thoughts on the first two.

1- You should offer it, and I mean ANYTHING, to those around you who might need it. Everyone knows someone (or possibly someone who knows someone else) that is a newlywed or a mother of 3 little ones, or even someone who lost a job, that might, just might be in need of those items you no longer need. So, PLEASE, try to think of those around you and at least offer it, whats the worst they could do, say "No Thanks". Then you'd be in the same place as you are now. Super easy ways to spread the word is mass texts, emails or even posting it in your status on Facebook. I bet your items would go quicker than you think.

2- Have you ever heard of a website called FREECYCLE? It's www.freecycle.org and I've been a member for like 2 months and I can't BELIEVE the stuff people get rid of! And keep in mind that everything is FREE. I'm not trying to plug this, really, but it works! And the awesome thing for those getting rid of stuff is that people pick it up! You don't have to worry about a thing. Also, you will notice with time, that items go quick! Like 6 hrs max quick! So, if there is something specific you need, don't just wait for someone to post it and hope that you are the first to ask, just post that you need it in the wanted section. It's a pretty amazing program, and I really wish that more people were on there doing it. I don't know what other areas it's available, but I know it's in more states than Utah.

There are so many things that we could be doing to help each other out and try to be frugal during this rough time. You should also try things like doing local swap meets, where everyone just brings stuff they don't need and swapping for other items they might be in need of. Also, doing trade is a huge help to so many people. Trading services for items, or services for services,etc. Whatever that might be. Most people have something to offer you that they would be willing to trade. Also, if you find an amazing deal somewhere, like the grocery store or a retail store... SHARE THE WEALTH! I doubt I'm not the only one who LOVES to hear about amazing deals on something I was already planning on purchasing.

Let's try a little harder to share the wealth and take care of one another.

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