My little stinker!!!

So, I left all the boys home to go to Young Womens on Sunday. Ayden was downstairs watching a show, and Grady was upstairs with Colton. Now, anyone that has a 2 year old will know that you have to actually check on them every once in a while...

When I came home, after being gone for an hour, I came down to check on Ayden and guess what?? He found some pink acrylic paint and decided to help me decorate. First, his face, hands and clothes, then, my table, the carpet, the couch and a pillow. Isn't that so nice of him?
I know, you are all thinking right now, why the crap didn't I take a picture! Because I was so mad, I didn't want to ever remember this moment, I just wanted to get it out of my new carpet as soon as possible!!!! Now, a proud moment for me right now, is that I actually got the paint out of everything except his shirt. And, seriously, these were not small amounts of paint. about a 2'x2' piece of carpet covered, and the ENTIRE yellow pillow was pink. Apparently the secret to getting paint out is carpet cleaner. It was the only thing that would work. Spray and wash did nothing.
As much as I wanted to be soooooo mad at Grady and point fingers and yell... I am the one that left my paints out where Ayden would see them. So, pretty much both our faults, equally!

And, this is why I need my craft room back! Enough of the office being in the family room!

My cute little stinker, with his beautiful eyes!


Rowley's said...

Oh No Kristy! I will admit I would be hard to stay mad at that precious little face! I'm so glad you got most of it out. How are you feeling? I think your problem here is that you aren't suppose to be going to young women's this so after having a baby! You're suppose to rest Kristy, that an official order from me : )

jaclyn weist said...

Its the eyes. Always the eyes that get them out of trouble!! Luckily my kids haven't done the paint thing - although I've had marker, more marker, flour, ink, and a few other things that I left out... Kids like to remind you when you've left things out don't they!!