Busy... Busy... Busy!

So, we celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday!  I know!  5 years! REALLY?!  It's crazy to think of, but it's true.   So, you saw our present to each other.  Our beautiful new computer! Yay! The only problem has been getting Grady off of it! I used to have the old one completely to myself, but now, Grady wants to use it all the time and I have to fight him for it. That's going to take some getting used to. 
I could do a whole blog post about how much I love my husband and how grateful I am for him, but I already told him. :)  So, I'll just let you all know that we had a great night!  We're doing really well and are "trying" to enjoy every minute of our fast pace, crazy lives!

Also, I went to the Dr. yesterday and they realized that I'm measuring like I'm 27 weeks, so they moved my due date back to the 12th!  YAY!  I so wanted to say "I told you so!"  But, I was able to refrain.  Also, thankfully I do not have a hernia!  I was having crazy pain in my stomach last week and a little this, but not bad.  I called and they said I gave myself a hernia.  But, after an examination.  I don't!  That's one less surgery I'll have to go through after having the baby.  It turns out I just stressed something and possibly pulled something.  So, 2 VERY good news updates from our Dr. apt.


Brandy J. said...

We are so glad to hear you don't have a hernia...happy anniversary!

Just Be us said...

Happy 5th Anniversary! Wow! Good to hear you don't have a hernia. Slow down & take care of yourself, k?

Lacey said...

hey you i found you! happy anniversary!