Halloween Memories

Sorry, I'm a slacker and never put up pictures of Halloween. Ayden was Calvin & Hobbes for Halloween and it was so much fun! I never realized that his hair was as long as it is! Everyone thought it was a wig. But, they also thought he was Einstein too. As much as he loves his Tiger, he'd get a little excited to look at all the pumpkins and get candy, so he'd chuck the tiger before getting to the door. After Grady took him out Trick-Or-Treating my family came over for a little party. Don't all the kids look soooo cute! We had a blast! Ate a TON of food, played the Wii and just hung out! I've gotta say... I LOVE HALLOWEEN!


lori d said...

You're so creative. I love to check out your blog. Hope you're doing well.

♥A.Lori Diamond

Just Be us said...

He is the CUTEST Calvin & Hobbs. Just FYI, I could totally tell who he was BEFORE reading that he was Calvin & Hobbs. And yes, your niece & Nephews looked adorable!