My Vacation

I went to Seattle, WA last weekend to visit my cutest friend Erin.

(All the pictures are ones I stole from her blog.

She is extremely talented so I just let her take all the pictures :)

She recently had a baby and I just had to meet cute little Quincy! She really is a great baby! She gets a little fussy at night, but overall she just slept the whole time.

Since Ayden has the best bed-head ever after naps, Erin said "This just has to be documented". Didn't she do a great job with the picture?

We went down to Seattle and checked out Pikes Place. It was pretty cool to walk down the market and see all the fresh fish and gorgeous flowers! The pictures are of the kids checking out the "Big Boats" in the water.

The kids just played and played! Ayden's a big fan of new toys, so he pretty much was acting like they were all his and Carson couldn't play with any.

Ayden's only like 6 months older than Carson so they played pretty well together.

Oh, wait... except the fact that Ayden is a bully! Poor Car was so scared of him! My stinker of a son is so in his terrible 2's!

Of course it took like a million shots to get the cute one of us on top! You always need to document the funny ones in the process!

Thanks Er for letting us come and play! Also, thanks for letting me be lazy and not do too much! I was in some serious need of relaxation!


Derick and Becky said...

Cute pictures Kristy!! I am glad you got to have a break!

Ashley said...

Looks like fun. Erin has a great camera...what is it...Nikon or Canon?

We have aydens sippy cup...we'll get it to you soon or drop in if you are around!

Jensen Family said...

SO cute and the pictures are amazing to say the least. I heart Seattle