My funny son...

So, my little man has been making me laugh so hard lately! I'm sorry I never post, life is just crazy! But, I'm nervous that I'll forget all these things if I don't write them down. So, here are a few from lately.

1- He has these new words... First off, he REALLY thinks that he's saying the right word, but he's way off!

CUPPY- for pumpkin. ??? Where that came from I will never know. At first it was pummy, but apparently that was too close to the real word. :)

IPER- (The i is a hard i) for spider. He doesn't say his s's so this isn't a huge surprise.

GABBY- for garbage. And, everything that looks like garbage instantly is garbage and must be placed directly in the garbage. If I try to take it out, he'll put it right back in!

2- He's calling ALL babies PARKER. He will still say baby if I really try, but for some reason now, babies are Parker (his little cousin). Also, every single kind of drink is WATER. He does like juice and milk and chocolate milk, but they are all still water to Ayden.

3- He has started hanging on EVERYTHING! It's like he's so proud to be able to reach things he has to show me. He tried hanging from the door nob the other day and it just turned in his hands and he landed on his knees and hit his head on the door. It was pretty funny.

4- He has a new saying that is the cutest thing in the world, my heart melts every time I hear it. "Looka mommy!" He has to show me everything and gets so thrilled to show me and have my approval. It's not as good since you can't hear his cute little voice.

5- He's started wearing my high heels. He still likes wearing all my and Grady's shoes, but for some reason he has really taken to the pointed, high heel ones.

6- He loves apples and will eat them any chance he gets. Here is the funniest picture of my fruit bowl and how I found it. Normally he brings me the apples before eating them and asks, but this time he apparently helped himself.

5- He's becoming very OCD! Oh, no I'm rubbing off on him already! He has to set all his toys up in rows. So cute!


Derick and Becky said...

Happy Birthday Ayden!!! He is so cute! I loved it when Andrew lined things up. It is so cute to watch their organization skills!! I love his little bites out of the apples. Thanks for the party, it was a BLAST!!

Chris and Tenielle said...

Haha. How funny. I enjoyed reading how cute he was. My nephews and nieces line up their toys too. I think it's so funny. Did we do weird things like that when we were little? Anyhow, I'm sure you'll be glad you've documented some of those things. What a cute little bugger.

Ashley said...

How cute he is...I love the apple and the toys lined up are so cute! Claire is going through the "place everything in the trash" stage. We find remotes, toys, shoes, and a few things that must have slipped by without us knowing. Thanks for sharing his cuteness.

lori d said...

It's fun to hear little kids first words and how they figure them out. Thanks for coming to Carlos' homecoming. It means alot to us.

A. Lori

Jensen Family said...

Ayden is such a cutie I love him. I love the pictures with the cute descriptions of what he's doing. He's a keeper. Love ya