Parker Family Reunion

So, a week ago was the Parker Family reunion! Our family was in charge of it this year, so I ended up pretty much being in charge. We did an olympic theme and went down to Duchesne and stayed in the Six Lakes Lodge. It was so nice and actually relaxing. We had a blast in the different events, fishing, canoeing, shooting, guitar hero and bunko. Of course I forgot my camera!!!! AHHHH!!! Thankfully I had my mom's to use most of the time. So, I'll post pictures later. Next week is Grady's family reunion and guess what? We're going to the same place! :) Ha Ha! I love it! So, you guys all know how highly I think of this place now. This will be stay number 3! I'll let you know all about it when we get back.


Brandon, McKell & Ryker said...

That sounds like a blast!!! I love all the pictures from your previous post too. Ayden has gotten so big since I was up there last.

lori d said...

Thanks again, Kristy for working so hard with your family to plan the Parker Family Reunion. It was a great success. I look forward to seeing a few more pictures from the reunion and I have fixed my site, Lori D's Place so it has better access. Parker's Rock.

A. Lori

georgeandmarie said...

it was good to run into you and see your little one. He is o cute and is getting so big!! We really should try to get together, we go swimming in our neighborhood pool, you should come sometime and hang out!!