Happy Birthday Grady!

Today is my sweethearts birthday! I just wanted to dedicate a quick post to him. I just think he's the greatest! He's super smart, very talented and such a hard worker. Oh, and not to mention an amazing father.
I hope this year, your 28th year, will be the best yet.
Thanks for all you do for us as a family and for me individually. I love you so much!


Brandy J. said...

Happy Birthday, Grad!!! We think you are awesome too!
-Dave and Brandy

Jensen Family said...

Grady you are such a babe! We love you and can't picture our family without you, it's like I finaly have that mean older brother who beats the crap out of me (aka-neck brace) but still loves the real me.

Love ya

Derick and Becky said...


lori d said...

Happy Birthday, Grady! I'll put you on our blog as an April birthday. What a great month for birthdays! Lots of super people born in the spring.

Lori Diamond

Graydon Stoner said...

Thanks babe. :)

Brandon, McKell & Ryker said...

Happy Birthday Grady!!! Kristy it was great seeing you yesterday we definitely need to plan a get together and a back country repel in Zion!!!!