Basketball Championships

So, the championships are officially over. Which is kind of nice, cause I won't have to plan my life around the games, but kind of sad at the same time. Here's how the Regional Championships went.
We played my sister's ward in Saratoga Springs in our first Regional game. Sadly, in overtime, we lost by 4 pts. So, we were out of the main championships, but they did have a Consolidation bracket. So, us losers went down there. :)
Our next game was the next week and only 5 of us were able to be there. (2 of the really good ones were gone) So, we decided to just have fun, and hey... We won! It was so much fun! The next game was 2 days after, so it would be just the 5 of us again. This game was for the championship of the Consolidation bracket.. so the Looser winners? Anyway... Guess who we played? Eagles Gate!!! Anyone who read about our stake tournament realizes this is the team that we played 3 times in one night for the stake championship and ended up beating. Funny that we'd have to play them again for another championship. So, we decided that we just had to beat them again. It wouldn't work out to well if we beat them in the Stake games and they turn around and beat us in the Regions.
It was a really competitive game, and really fun, and we won! By like 15 pts. or something! Ya, I'm pretty competitive! Who knew! I'm still not going to say I'm good, but I have improved, so at least that's something. I'm just grateful to a great team who is so nice to teach me and let me play and who have such good attitudes!

So, Volleyball is next... What do you think? Should I attempt that too?


michellecluff said...

Nice job! That's so great! If I could even dribble the ball while running without tripping over myself I'd probably try it too, but not so much... go for volleyball for sure. You'd be great at it!

The Family Connection said...

Congratulations on your basket ball success. Tall people rule. I played one game with our stake this year and that did me in. Youth rules, too.

A. Lori

Jessica said...

Congrats on your wins! That is such a fun way to keep in shape and play in a group setting. You should definitely go for volleyball. Who knows, you could become a multi sport champion!

Lindsey Walker said...

Congrats on the sucessful basketball playin'! You should go for volleyball! It is a fun sport and like basketball is good exercise.