All about my Husband

I figured this was a good tag for me to do, seeing as it was just Grady's Birthday and I didn't dedicate a big enough blog post to him.

All you ever needed to know about my Husband...

What is his name? Graydon Spencer Stoner (Grady is his nickname)

How long have you been together? Married- 4 1/2

How long did you date? We dated for a year and were engaged for 6 months

How old is he? 28

Who eats more? We pretty much eat the exact same. Unless I tell him to finish something off for me. What can I say... I like to eat :)
Who is taller? Grady is by about 1 inch. GO GRADY!

Who can sing better? Me, although he can sing

Who is smarter? Grady for sure!!! He graduated from BYU, majoring in Russian with Honors. He also had an Academic Scholarship. He's amazing!

Who does the laundry? Me... even when we were both working

Who pays the bills? Me... also even when we were both working

Who sleeps on the right side? Me

Who mows the lawn? Grady does mostly, but I really don't have a problem with doing it.

Who cooks dinner? Me. Grady can, he just doesn't. He does make dang good pancakes for us on weekends.

Who drives? Mostly Grady, but sometimes, I'm in the mood, so I will.

Who is more stubborn? Me, for sure! Grady's very easy going!

Who kissed who first? I hate to admit this, but I kissed him. He had never kissed a girl before, so I was afraid he was never going to get the balls to do it. So, I was sick of waiting. :)

Who asked who out first? I guess he did. When we first met he entered me and my roommate in a contest to win a date. I ended up winning one with him, but he never did anything about it... Until I brought it up, and reminded him he owed me a date. So, you be the judge.

Who proposed? Graydon did

Who has more friends? Probably me... tough one.

Who is more sensitive? Grady

Who has more siblings? Grady is the youngest of 6 and I'm the 3rd of 4.

Who wears the pants? Grady makes all the big decisions. But, my opinion counts. :) And all the little stuff we decide together.
What you might not know about my husband...

His Dreams: This is one thing that me and Grady talk about often. We talk about different places we want to travel, look at homes often, talk about fun toys we would want. Grady says it's good to have goals and dreams, because it gives you a constant motivation. He owns his own company, and I know that one of his dreams with that is that it will be successful and he'll be able to concentrate more on the things he loves to do, and be able to hire others to do the monotonous things.

High School Activities: He played football in High School for the Orem Tigers. But, he's also really good at basketball. Too bad he never tried out.

His Hobbies: He loves sports. He snowboards and wakeboards. He likes to golf, but sadly doesn't do it a whole lot. He likes to read and learn new things. He plays the guitar and is really good at the piano. He's really good at carpentry, and is my Mr. Fix-it! He can seriously do anything, and if not, he'll read how to do it, and then he's good to go.


Jensen Family said...

Grady you're so cute!! And I got a nice laugh at the Football Picture(what a dork)

The Family Connection said...

Happy Birthday, Grady. You are an awesome part of our family.

Lori Diamond

Brandy J. said...

Clearly, Grady has always been a stud. Probably one of the top five coolest people I know! Those pictures were awesome, so many memories. You Rock, Grad!