Goodbye Snow!

So, our back yard is almost completly snow free. As happy as I am for it to be sunny and warm outside, we sure did have fun this winter!

This was one random day, all Ayden wanted to do was be outside, so I took him boarding down out backyard.
Guess that's one nice thing about having a steep yard. He was loving it! He kept making me do it over and over again for him! By the time we (I) were done, my calves were pretty sore. Check out how wet Ayden is! He He! What a nerd! He has no fear, that's for sure!


lori d said...

Ayden will love that picture when he's old enough to say "I have the coolest mom".

A. Lori

Shelly & Danny said...

Good for you, getting outside showing your kid how to play in the snow:) By the way, an answer to your post, I blew like $120 at Old Navy, that sale was the best.

Jessica said...

You look so awesome taking Ayden down the hill. You are such a fun mom!!