What a week!

I have been so crazy busy the last little while... Here is how it's gone:

Thursday: Our anniversary. Small celebration, mostly just spending time together as a family
Friday: Went overnight for our anniversary to the Zermott Resort in Midway. My parents live in Heber, so they took Ayden. It was beautiful, snowing like crazy, but beautiful. We really had a relaxing, enjoyable night.
Saturday: Grady went and cut me down a Christmas tree (with a chain-saw and snowmobile, the whole bit!), while I hung out at my parents and cooked. That night all my siblings came up and we ate food, played Bunco, hung out and slept over. (not too good of sleep)
Sunday: We all went to church for Angie's Heber farewell talk. We had Christmas breakfast and opened a few presents in celebration for Christmas that Angie is going to miss. Had Christmas dinner, played more games, watched movies, took naps... oh what a great day!
Monday: Me and Angie went snowboarding and had our last little hang out
Tuesday: Cleaned my house, cause I haven't been home all weekend and went back up to Heber to see Angie get set apart. After me and Mandy went through Angie's closet and came home with a whole new wardrobe! Thanks Angie!
Wednesday: Took Angie to the MTC to see her off... SO SAD! It's so wierd having so mixed emotions! I'm so excited for her, but so sad to have her gone for so long. Seriously, you people in Berlin, Germany better enjoy her while you have her. Then we went to lunch, came home and put up our Christmas tree... which is a pretty funny story, I'll have to tell you about later.
Thursday (today): I've done nothing but catch up... wrap presents, deep clean the house, do laundry, oh... our carpet got installed in our basement stairs and living room :) YA!!!

This weekend we have 3 Christmas partie (in 2 days... ya!) So, the madness will never really end, I'll just try to stay on top of it for the time being! Hope everyone elses Holidays are as amazing and crazy as ours!

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Jessica said...

Happy anniversary! I'm glad Grady takes such great care of you. What a busy week you had, but it makes time more meaningful when it's filled with great activities. We definitely need to go boarding together when we come!