Ayden's 1st snow play!

Let's see how he likes the snow! Time to go out and play!
He wasn't sure quite what to do...

My friend Tenielle, trying to help him walk

Oh, no! I've fallen...

And I can't get up!

He didn't want to touch the snow with his mittens on... So we took them off.

He didn't really like it until I let him taste it... Then he thought it was food!

So, he started eating it... All of it!

You like his hole in the snow next to him, where he ate all of it? I guess it was a bad idea teaching him to eat it... He can't really distinquish between different colors of snow yet.

Look mom! Snow!


Jonathan and Michelle said...

Cute pictures! I love his smile in the last picture!

Jessica said...

So cute! I love the last photo. I can already tell he's going to be a natural boarder!!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I just wish we had some too!

Jensen Family said...

Why is my nephew so freaking cute? I love the photos and can't wait to take the kids up to the cabin, just think of the Blog entrys.

The Family Connection said...

Don't you wonder what's going on in their little minds when they do something for the first time. Cute pictures. Check out the Parker sisters on Fay and Doris Parker blog.

A. Lori