My boys!

I just thought my boys looked so cute and matchy-matchy on Sunday that I had to take a picture. Grady worked soooo hard getting the family room downstairs finished for the birthday party, I just wanted to say Thank You to him. I have the best husband! He does so much around the house, and helps so much with Ayden, I'm really blessed!

Ayden moved up to a big-boy car seat. Shhh, don't tell on me that he's not 20 lbs... but hey! He's close enough! I can't believe how old he looks in his seat. He's so cute!


Graydon Stoner said...

I'm not sure, but those two guys may be the most handsome duo in the history of earth.

Jensen Family said...

You two are so cute!! And I can't believe how big Ayden is looking all of the sudden-could I love him more?