Lake Powell... Cont.

So, we went to powell with our friends, the Pulhams, Benders and Stockles! We ended up keeping the houseboat in the slip so it would be less work for the short weekend. I was a little worried about crazy neighbors & spiders, but there wasn't much of either, so that was nice!

There was a pretty big storm on Saturday night!

We had a blast! Boated, ate food, went off other houseboats slides, and ate more food!

Happy Birthday to me!

Did I mention that I LOVE Lake Powell in September? The weather was awesome! The water is warm from the long summer and it was only in the high 80's. Also, not too many people and the water was great!

We'll have to try to make it an annual trip!

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Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Kristy! Apparently I don't have your birthday written down. I'm the worst friend ever. It looks like you had a great trip.