Baby Contest!

So, yesterday was the Eagle Mountain Baby Contest. I was really quite excited cause you get a goodie bag, and pictures, and more! (As advertised) Wow! Can I just tell you how disappointing it was?

First of all, it took all of 20 min. (10 min. spent waiting in line for the pictures)

Secondly, Ayden wouldn't smile for the life of him! He was in the 7-9 mo. group, who are all playing peek-a-boo and clapping. But, here's my son so distracted by the other kids, that he won't look at the ladies, he won't smile, and he's just a blob, who sits there and stares at everyone else.

Third, we go outside and there is a table with the goodie bags, a lady with a camera without a battery (Reason for waiting 10 min.) And, like a billion people there sitting and running around! (total chaos)

But, no worries, we'll get a picture in the mail (in 2-3 weeks- nice hu) and he got a balloon! Wo Ho! He' was pretty stoked about the balloon! I mean, what can I expect out of Eagle Mountain Utah. But, my nephew Luke was in the Heber one, and it was the most amazing Baby Contest ever! I expected a little more.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Stranger!
So I'm addicted to Erin's blog and saw yours!!! Wow can you believe we're all mom... how crazy!
What a cutie Ayden is!

Looks like life is treating you great! Just wanted to stop in and say hi!